Hospitals in Orizaba

The city’s population is cared at public medical centers as the Mexican Red Cross, clinics managed by the Ministry of Health and centers affiliated to IMSS and ISSSTE. Additionally, the city has a PEMEX hospital

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Hints and Tips to consider when Traveling to Mexico
For any visitor who has not had the pleasure of traveling or visiting our country, perhaps the information that he is getting from the news could intimidate him when planning a trip to Mexico. However,

Benito Juárez
After the War of Independence many factors came into play as obstacles for reaching Mexico’s political and economic stability for decades.

Mexico's Highest Mountains and their Attractive Features
One of the features that distinguishes the whole Mexican Republic is the variety in its elevations and its great mountain ranges. There are some elevations that stand above the

Earthquakes in Mexico, The Worst Earthquakes
The earthquake of Veracruz of 1973, also known as the Orizaba Earthquake, has been the worst earthquake to ever occur in Veracruz.

The Worst Earthquakes in Mexico
Since we are located in a great seismic zone of the world (the San Andrés Fault in Baja California, Mexico´s location in the fire belt of the pacific and the country´s distribution among

The Best Cities to Live in Mexico
The best cities to live in Mexico vary according to the poll. The site of CNN Expansión published a classification of the world’s best

Mountain Climbing and Mexico's Highest Mountains
Mexico offers mountain climbers tempting peaks to explore and where to contemplate the country’s beautiful valleys. The infrastructure

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