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Elementary and High School education. Private School.
Manuel Doblado y Santos Degollado
Phone (624) 142-09-35

College education.
Located in Ampliación el Zacatal

College Education.
Carretera San José del Cabo km 6.5, San José del Cabo
Phone (624) 143-98-03

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Information about the mexican 'Niños Héroes'
During the years of 1846-1848 occurred the war between Mexico and the United States of America because of territorial disputes between the two countries. Although Mexico lost the war at the end and with it most of its territory, there were many remarkable battles and among them excels the Chapultepec´s one

The separation of Texas from México
The neighbor state at north of Coahuila was originally part of the territory of Mexico, although several circumstances influenced so it got its independence and then to be incorporated into the United States.

The Pastry War
Mexico has had in the past many international conflicts with countries of the size of the U.S., Germany, Spain, Cuba and more. Not all raids have led to war or hostilities, but during the first years as an independent country other nations made incursions seeking territory, protect their interest or even impose rulers.

The Origin of the Mexican “Posadas"
A Posada is a Mexican tradition that takes place during the month of December, and that started out of the intense efforts of evangelization of the friars in the 16th Century. It is believed that the Indians

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El Estanquillo Museum
Located near El Zócalo, the city main square, at the corner of Francisco I. Madero (a pedestrian-only street since mid-2010) and 26 Isabel La Católica streets, the Estanquillo Museum presents diverse objects that belonged to the late Carlos Monsiváis

The Mexican Amber
This semi-precious stone has achieved recognition as one of the most sought items for exporting due to the superb quality it has. Mexican amber itself is the result of fossilized resin of plants known as Guapinol (a legume), crystallized between 22 and 25 million years ago. It is prized since pre-Hispanic times.

The 7 Mayan Prophecies
Recently they have become popular in forums, magazines and on TV shows, but which are the Mayan Prophecies? Did they really predict changes that have actually occurred in modern times? If we search in

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