Where to Eat in Playa del Carmen

Despite being a young small city, the strong tourist area of Playa del Carmen has also generated an excellent gastronomy, and today we find some great restaurants on the beach. Following is a list of some of the most popular places.

Highly recommended by locals and tourists, this restaurant has a comforting atmosphere and is a great option for enjoying meats and fish accompanied by an excellent selection of wines.
5ta Avenida Norte esq.2

Pleasant restaurant specialized in seafood, Italian and Mexican food where you can enjoy not only great food but live jazz as well.
5ta Avenida Norte #7
Phone (984) 873 2074

This restaurant decorated with beach style huts offers a breakfast buffet as well as a varied menu for lunch or dinner, and a collection of over 80 kinds of tequilas.

The only French bistro in Playa del Carmen, with an elegant and comforting style is a great place for food and conversation.
Calle 8 Norte
Phone (984) 873 0735

Dinner Lounge, and bar … all in one place. The specialty is Italian and Mediterranean food; and a wine cellar with over 5,000 bottles of different wines.

This casual New York style restaurant is ideal for contemporary adults. It offers European Mediterranean open kitchen so you can see the art of food preparation.
Hotel Zone

The chef offers exquisite seafood, original desserts and a touch of classical cooking, all this on 5th Avenue.
5ta Avenida Norte esq.2
Phone (984) 803 0232

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