Nightlife in Santiago de Querétaro

Foreplay is the nightclub that counts with three different rooms, each with a different music style, to satisfy every taste including yours!
Circuito Jardín #1, Álamos 3a Sección

If you can´t wait for the weekend to begin, visit the Balcao in its best day and enjoy an unforgettable Thursday.

HARRY New Orleans Café and Oyster Bar
A great atmosphere to the rhythm of jazz and delicious creola food- traditional Cajun from the city of New Orleans in the United States.
Juárez Sur #7 Col. Centro
Phone (442) 214 2620

Beatlemania is an exact replica of ¨The Cavern¨, the first bar in England where the legendary English group began to play the songs that later World become their greatest hits. Live Music. Store with Beatle memorabilia.
Constituyentes Oriente #5
Phone (442) 224 0981

NIGHT CLUB"– bar lounge.
Tecnológico #225
Phone (442) 215 9425

For young adults. Fan of the 80´s and 90´s hits? Then visit the Margarita blue on its nights of remembering. Here you can enjoy the best music of the moment. Make your reservation.
Hacienda el Tintero #370 Plaza Náutica
Phone (442) 234 0303

Personally mi favorite nightclub. If you are 18 or older and you want to start your weekend with the right foot go the the Mint. The place and the exclusivity of the people will make sure that you have a great time.

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