Hospitals in Santiago de Querétaro

Private medical attention with emergency unit, hospitalization, intensive care and external consults
Prolongación Constituyentes #302 Fraccionamiento El Jacal
Phone (442) 211 0080

Member of the hospital group, Angeles, it is one of the most important in all of Latin America.
Bernardino del Razo #21 Col Ensueño
Phone (442 192 3000

CRUZ ROJA (Red Cross)
Avenida Balaustradas corner with Circuito Estadio
Phone (442) 229 0505

Institution of Public medical service.
Avenida 5 de Febrero #101 Col. Virreyes
Phone (442) 216 0039

Fray Pedro de Gante #41
Phone (442) 212-1495

Articles for Santiago de Querétaro

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In the state of Querétaro, in the Sierra Gorda (part of the Sierra Madre Oriental) there is a heritage that is very appreciated by the fans of Baroque and religious art: the Franciscan missions.

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Being Santiago de Querétaro a beautiful colonial town, it offers many attractions for visitors as well as a variety of activities. And this is mostly because the city has been named a “World Heritage Site”

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