Where to Go / What to Do in León

Enjoy a wonderful tour through Leon's Historic Center and visit the ancient Cathedral, Casa Municipal, Templo Expiatorio, Arco Triunfal and Santuario Guadalupe, among other buildings of great tradition in the city, all part of the current identity of Leon's society.

Leon is one of the state's oldest cities, boasting important displays of architecture and monuments throughout its historical center, priceless testimony of its viceregal past.

Leon's craftsmen transcend in the quality of their products, turning them into one of the most renowned industries worldwide, making Leon known as the World's Shoe Capital, concentrating a great number of factories that produce shoes, clothes, accessories and leather goods; a source of identity for Leon's vocation.

Outstanding among its infrastructure is one of the most important conventions and exhibit centers, Poliform and Forum Cultural, a monumental complex where world-class cultural activities are held.

Part of the Poliforum Complex is Guanajuato Cultural Forum, a complex including entertainment, arts and culture spaces, including the State's Central Library, Arts and History Museum and the Academic Unit for Culture and Arts of Universidad de Guanajuato. Poliforum Theater will soon be inaugurated, a space for 1,500 spectators. This whole area also has a shopping mall, plazas and outdoor gathering sites.

This unfinished neo-gothic style construction began to be built in 1921, an extraordinary sample of the city's religious architecture in its purest style. Its gates were created in bronze with bas-relief figures that tell the life of Jesus. It has more than 20 altars and enormous distinctive stained windows in gothic style that make light play whimsical effects inside. Its sacristy has a house for spiritual exercises, catacombs and crypts.

Witness of the most passionate historical passages since having been founded as Villa de Leon, this space was formerly known as Plaza de la Constitucion and then "“Plaza del Emperador"” upon the arrival of the emperors to Mexico in 1864. Its final name is in honor of the fallen during the battles held on January 2, 1946, Martyr's Plaza is now Leon's most important public gathering site.

This quarry stone arch in neoclassic style is an important urban symbol that serves as the city's icon for commemorating Mexico's Independence and the participation of Leon in this historical feat. The sculpture standing on its peak is the people's pride, a bronze lion.

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