Where to Eat in Manzanillo


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Famous fish and seafood restaurant.  Read More>>

Puesta del Sol #3,

Tel. (314) 333 1236


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Tel. (314) 333 2515


Famous fish and seafood restaurant. Read More>>

Blvd Costero Miguel de la Madrid #873,

Tel. (314) 334 0648


Popular steak restaurant.  Read More>>


Tel. (314) 334 0129


Traditional Mexican cuisine.  Read More>>


Tel. (314) 333 3094


National and international specialties.  Read More>>

Blvd Costero Miguel de la Madrid #921,

Tel. (314) 333 1150


Intimate Italian nook Read More>>


Tel. (314) 333 1333

Articles for Manzanillo

A weekend in Manzanillo
Activities to do in this tourist destination are almost endless and extremely varied, which range from a quiet walk on the beach, play golf and even go to their unique and interesting culture homes. Special mention deserves sport fishing, as indeed Manzanillo is known as the world capital of sailfish.

Boating, The Manzanillo and the Costa Alegre Route in the Mexican Pacific
This segment of the Mexican pacific coast has various tourist developments which can be reached by air, land or sea and the main port is the city of Manzanillo, Colima. We will start our review with this place

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The Revillagidedo Islands
The Revillagigedo Islands are considered a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, by presidential decree the recognition took place on June 6,

Mexican Cruises
One of the many ways to know México is through a cruise, which although it is not the best option for domestic tourism, undoubtedly foreign visitors can use it. However, it is not a

The 7 Most Visited Beaches of Mexico
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