Hospitals in Aguascalientes

The first and most complete private cardiology specialized hospital in the country. The modern equipped use to take care of the patients with cardiac affection belongs to a hospital of high specialty. Besides taking care of all the cardiac sub-specialties, this hospital offers the services of clinics specialized in osteoporosis, gynecology, anti-tobacco treatments, head and column, weight control, kidneys, urology, digestive disorder, breast cancer, thoracic pain, sleep disorder and the nuclear medicine cabinet.
Tel: (449) 915-40-00. 10 telephone lines and 24 hrs urgencies service.

On the subject of specialization in services of gynecology and obstetrics, the following medical centers offer the perfect care for the newborn and the happy mother.
Tel: (449) 916-97-20
Tel: (449) 978-60-70

Offers all the services of a general hospital.
Tel: (449) 917-03-11


Extract from Internet from the book “El Crecimiento de la Ciudad de Aguascalientes” by Gerardo Martínez Delgado.; Municipal Goverment of Aguascalienes:

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