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Located only 82 kilometers from the city of Toluca, this small and beautiful city in Mexico State is ... Read more

Luxurious and elegant resorts of international quality found around Ixtapan de la Sal, where you can ... Read more

Ixtapan de la Sal has excellent restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine and some ... Read more

For being only 82 kilometers from Toluca, Ixtapan de la Sal is the vacation spot for hundreds of tou ... Read more

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COLEGIO LAS AMERICAS Private education from preschool to high school. Abasolo 6 COLEGIO SAN P ... Read more

HOSPITAL REGIONAL DE IXTAPAN DE LA SAL Public medical institution. Prol. 15 de Septiembre Col. Ixt ... Read more


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Tips para tu viaje al Mundial de Brasil 2014
El mundial es simplemente un evento único en el mundo, ya que logra juntar no sólo a naciones enteras, sino que logra que durante casi un mes en un país específico en el mundo se junten personas de prácticamente todo el mundo a celebrar una sola cosa, el Mundial de Fútbol

5 Tourist activities that you must see in Veracruz
One of the states with more natural beauty, stunning scenery, great festivals and plenty of life in Mexico is Veracruz, so it is also one of those who receive more visitors each year. This brief top five will help people who want to make a quick visit in that state and want to know the most popular sites.

Disfruta de los mejores restaurantes de México sin salir de tu casa.
La gastronomía mexicana ha sido un referente de México desde sus inicio, y es que gracias a su historia prehispánica y las diferentes invasiones y conquistas que tuvo durante años la gastronomía mexicana ha evolucionado

History and Information of mexican candy
Besides the cuisine and its desserts, candies produced in Mexico are a delight to the palate of all those who try them. Obviously these candies vary in taste, preparation, aroma and even symbolism depending on the region and time in which we find them. Although the origin of some of them can be traced back to pre-Hispanic times

6 weekend trips near the DF
This town in the state of Queretaro has extremely diverse attractions such as various fairs (the cheese and wine, the proper one of the town and the bull fair); a sanctuary for migratory birds and a few recreational parks. You may also relax in the spas, massage parlors and sweat lodges.

The tax reform of 2013 in Mexico
In Mexico budgets for the functions of the state and its government programs, offices, services and other obligations attributed to political representatives are approved and amended annually

About the Jumex museum
Opened on November 19, 2013, the Museum created by the Jumex Foundation is a space for the culture dissemination and mainly for the understanding of the contemporary art.

The ceremonies and rituals of the Olmecs
The Olmec culture is called the mother culture as it is recognized as the first great culture settled in Mesoamerica. They developed the calendar, as a religion, writing, use the number 0 and epigraphy. Precisely their religion stands out for its complex rituals and ceremonies

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