Jalisco Guadalajara

Guadalajara is located west of the Mexican Republic, surrounded by the states of Durango, Zacatecas ... Read more

HOTEL CAMINO REAL GUADALAJARA GRAN TURISMO Av. Vallarta # 5005 Ph. (33) 3134 2424 HOTEL CROWNE ... Read more

Guadalajara is a gastronomical paradise with hundreds of establishments offering tacos, and ¨tortas ... Read more

The cultural and recreational activities are almost never ending. This active city is a grand promot ... Read more

CHAPUS VIP Modern discotec with a mix of live banda music and the best hits of the moment. Av. Lóp ... Read more

The populated city of Guadalajara offers public and private institutions. It has more than 1650 educ ... Read more

HOSPITAL CIVIL ¨DR. JUAN I. MENCHACA¨ This is a public hospital linked with the University of Guad ... Read more


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Top mexican airports
In a country where tourism is a major revenue is not surprising that the airport industry is growing and the top 15 airports in the country received an average of just over 10% increase in the number of travelers regarding last year.

Tequila National Fair in Jalisco, Mexico
Considered the Mexican alcoholic beverage by excellence, the tequila is such a delight to drink, that in the region where it was first made a festival takes place to honor it. This way,

The Lago de Chapala (Chapala Lake) in Jalisco, Mexico
The Lago de Chapala is Mexico's largest lake, covering an area of over 1110 square kms. with an approximate depth of 8 meters. Since the decade of 1950, this place has

Mexico’s most famous painters
While there are many talented Mexican painters specializing in various techniques, in recent times “Muralists” are the most admired and widely known. Muralism is a Mexican

The Best places in Mexico for Skydiving
There are many places in Mexico where you can practice skydiving, this extreme sport, that, despite being a high-risk activity, it’s also one of the most fun to practice. There are

The Omnilife Stadium, Mexico Newest Stadium
From a 7th generation synthetic lawn to a unique architectural design, the new home of soccer team Las Chivas de Guadalajara features the most advanced structural technology. It was built by several

The Sinaloa Cartel; Criminal Organization
The state of Sinaloa is characterized by its vast areas of agricultural land and its large fish production. Recently, tourism

Carlos Monsiváis, The Mexican Critical Consciousness
Carlos Monsiváis was born in Mexico City on May 4, 1938 and he was a great writer, essayist, and chronicler of the daily life in Mexico.

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5th of February, Commemoration of the Constitution’s Promulgation

The 1917 Constitution is the result of a long historical process that started even before the Mexican Revolution. The Political
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The War of Reform, History of Mexico

Mexico’s War of Reform, also known as the Three Year War, occurred from December 17, 1857 to January 1, 1861. This armed conflict
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The Cristero War

The Cristero War is also known as Cristiada. It was an armed struggle between the Government and the Church from 1926 to 1929. If was fought
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The Most Important Natural Disasters Occurred in Mexico

Climatic change is currently a recurrent topic. The phenomenon is the result of centuries of human activity, mainly the transformation and
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Miguel Hidalgo, Mexican Independence

Miguel Hidalgo is one of the most recognized characters in the movement for Mexico’s Independence. His full name was Miguel Gregorio
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