How to obtain the Mexican Passport

How to obtain the Mexican Passport
Many of us will someday need it to travel, and the first thing to consider is if you are an adult or if you are minor age. Let's start talking about the process for over 18 years.

Although you can already give some information online, anyway you have to go personally to a delegation of the SRE (Foreign Ministry) or Liaison Office. Due to the large number of applicants, there are offices in every state and in the case of Mexico City and the state of Mexico are several of them. To expedite the processing is necessary to schedule an appointment by telephone and schedules are solicit from 8:00 to 20:00 on weekdays and from 9:00 to 16:00 pm on Saturdays. The phone is 01 800 8010 773. You can also make an appointment at the following Internet address:

While visiting the office, an application, called Form OP-7 has to be filled by hand, in block letters and black ink (although you can use a paper application which can be downloaded from the Internet) but must be signed against a worker oh the dependency.

The nationality has to be accredited by showing one of the following papers:

• Birth Certificate (which should be updated. It is a very simple and quick process. Even in many parts there are machines that generate your birth certificate instantly, just by asking you the data, which are full name and date and Place of birth)

• Certificate of Mexican nationality,

• Declaration of Mexican nationality, (both in embassies or consulates)

• Letter of naturalization (for immigrants)

• CURP (Clave Single Population Register)

In either case the documents should not contain erasures or amendments.

Besides the applicant must present one of the following official ID photo:

• Mexican passport (for renovations obviously)

• Voter ID

• Certificate of studies

• School Certificate (with current photograph and needs the official stamp of SEP incorporation)

• Professional license

• Letter Intern

• Credential of medical services in some public institution with seal on Photography (Important: appointment cards are not accepted)

• Senior card (INAPAM, instituto nacional de personas adultas mayores)

• Credential Retiree or

• Military service card released.

Always people from the office verify that the data from the credential and accreditation document completely match, if the key or any data addresses do not match your request will be rejected. Also it is required:

• 2 passport photos, front, white background, bareheaded and taken with a maximum of 30 days prior to the procedure. Despite already having them, keep in mind that at the appointment you have to be ready for another picture, but digital.

And finally:

Proof of Payment of fees which can be performed in most of the banks in the country. For knowing the name of banks, click on the following link:

Now the steps for those under 18 years old and differences with that of adults. In the case of a minor, both parents must appear with the child and:

1. Bring the child to a delegation of the SRE or liaison office.

2. Fill hand print with black ink and form OP-7 (guardians).

3. Proof of Mexican nationality with ONE of the following:

• Birth certificate

• Registered letter of naturalization

Present a ID with photo of the child as:

• Previous Passport

• Certificate of current studies with expedition previously no more than 30 days

• Current school Credentials (only preschool, primary and secondary)

• Proof of current studies degree

In addition is necessary to deliver:

• 2 color passport photos.

It is clear that the documents must be original or certified copy plus a regular copies and that parents should submit ONE of the documents referred to establish nationality and a credential to prove identity.

Prices to apply for the document are:

• For a YEAR.- apply under 3 years old and people should leave the country due to an emergency: $ 525 pesos

• For three years.- at least three years old: $ 1,095 pesos

• For 6 years.- at least three years old: $ 1,505 pesos

• For 10 years.- Just over 18 years: $ 2,315 pesos

The disabled, elderly people and agricultural workers receive a discount of 50% in the
amounts above-mentioned. The paperwork is done personally in one of the following offices:

If you have all the papers at hand, the procedure is very simple and very fast. So you know: if you want to travel abroad, make sure you update your passport!

Article produced by the Editorial Team of "Explorando Mexico".
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